Wonderful pictures of Charlie ( @alchemission ) from LopezTonight.

Charlie's facial expressions make Charlie always looks so natural and lively out. And even more charming :D
Charlie has charmed himself into my heart.

Several pictures show LopezTonight.

Lopez Tonight Show with Charlie [@alchemission] and BooBoo [@mammarazzi1]

Here's the interview from Lopez Tonight Show with Charlie [@alchemission] and BooBoo [@mammarazzi1]


New "interview with a vampire" in SLC

The Salt Lake Magazine talked with our @alchemission and the wonderful Julia Jones after the fan event. The interview is very interesting and it's obviously above all about the upcoming Eclipse movie. Useless to say there are some funny parts (loved the one about imprinting), but read it and you'll judge it yourself!

"SLmag sat down with The Twilight Saga: Eclipse's Julia Jones (Leah Clearwater, the only female werewolf) and Charlie Bewley (Demetri, member of the Volturi).

Not a Twi-hard but a determined intern, I decided to do some research. Ya know, appear knowledgeable, searched the Web for info on their home town, birthdays, hobbies and anything else I could find. I also listened to previous interviews with the actors to get a feel for their personalities.

I was totally prepared, but it finally hit me at the Grand America Hotel (where I met the actors) on Saturday, “This is my first real interview. Me, the intern. It has to be good.” Waiting in the lobby, I wondered what it would be like to meet an actor from such a high profile film. I met the Osmonds, once. I even got an autographed picture of Melissa Joan Hart and glimpsed various Disney Channel actors, filming Going to the Mat at Northridge High School. But I never really sat an had a one-on-one with any of them. I had 20 minutes with the actors and nearly two pages of questions to guide me.

Bewley, Jones and I exchanged introductions. Then Bewley commented on my hair and noted it was the same color as Victoria's. He wondered if I dyed it to look like her, but I told him I just liked the color. Apparently, fans are always trying to look like the characters, and he just wanted to check.

He is a chill guy and Jones is really nice.


SLM: "Is it hard to depict a character from a well-read book?"

JJ: “Process wise, it's just different. It's really about doing an interpretation of source material versus creating and imagining. It is harder in a lot of ways, because there is kind of a right and a wrong. Or there's a more right. The material is there, and you're trying to get as close to, as true to, this character that's so believable and so dimensional as you possibly can, and you're not gonna get there 100 percent.”

CB: “The difficult thing is that the books are like 15,000 times bigger than the script. And you have character developments in the book that just do not exist in the script. So, you can have the character based on what is outlined in the books, and then you're given the script to actually portray that character. You can do your best, but it's like film is so restricting in a many ways. You have marks to hit. It's very hard to play that character so organically with what you have in your head given when you're given the script, which is like four lines and then some tricky camera angles.”

He adjusted in his seat and leaned in closer.


SLM: "Are there any scenes you're particularly proud of or that you want the audience to watch for?"

CB: “Well from a Volturi point of view, this is a very cameo role for us. I don't want to beef it up any bigger than it is. We just have this fleeting presence. We're just there to check on how things are going.

CB to JJ. “Did you fight in the fight scene?”

JJ: “It's CGI.”

CB: Getting back to the interview, “Volturi are very cool wherever they go. We have these outfits, and we try to fly a little, but the stunt didn't come off so we only used a little slip of it. I'm just looking forward to Breaking Dawn, really. This is a great movie, but from my characters point of view, Breaking Dawn is...."
(click HERE to read the complete interview)


Charlie at "Twilight Night" in Salt Lake City

You can read an article about the day on DeseretNews and a nice fan review on "In Tracy's life", where you can see a couple of photos too.

Image source

New premiere pics with Charlie [ @alchemission ]

Love the pictures. Quite wonderful :D

Image by Team-Twilight.com and Twilightish.com


More pictures from the Twilight Night in Salt Lake incl. Charlie [ @alchemission ]

Here are several great pictures from the Twilight Night in Salt Lake :D

Photo Source

We love you too [ @alchemission ] :D

Photo source

First pictures and video from the Twilight Night in Salt Lake City incl. Charlie [ @alchemission ]

Here they are the first pictures and video from the Twilight Night in Salt Lake City incl. Charlie

Photo source 1
Photo source 2

Julia Jones and Charlie Bewley Appearance Pt 1
Julia Jones and Charlie Bewley Appearance Pt 2

@alchemission at Twilight night

@alchemission wrote this on his twitter for a few minutes ago.

Well, wonder why I do not live in Utah now ;)


New photo with Charlie ( Crimea )

New Charlie [ @alchemission ] photo (Crimea)

Image source

There are more and more clips with beautiful Charlie in.

Yes, there are more and more clips with beautiful @alchemission from Eclipse premiere :D

Video source: YouTube

Several video from Eclipse premiere with Charlie

Here are several video with Charlie from Eclipse premiere

Video source: Youtube

New photos

More @alchemission Premiere photos

Image source

Charlie Bewley on Favorite Scene in 'Eclipse'

Here comes another new video on the wonderful @alchemission from Eclipse premiere

Video source

New red carpet video

New @alchemission red carpet video


New photos from the premiere

Here are some more nice pictures of @alchemission from Eclipse premiere

Image source

New image from Eclipse premiere


You are absolutely wonderful. Many thanks :D

And Brenda sent this wonderful picture to me. I got tears in my eyes.
Thank you sweetheart :D
You all have no idea how happy you made me today with all your congratulations. Many thanks :D

Little part of a premiere interview with Charlie

Little part of a premiere interview with Charlie [ @alchemission ]

Video source

More photos and first video from LA

Here are some more pictures of @alchemission and the first video. Enjoy :D


My birthday today and one years ago Michael Jackson passed away

Well, today it's my birthday, and many of "our" big family ( @alchemission fans ) have already sent congratulations to me. Many thanks :D Today I wish to dedicate this to Michael Jackson, his children, family, friends and all his fans. Today is not just my 24 birthday but a year ago when Michael Jackson's death. It still feels like a nightmare. I and everyone else brings our thoughts to Michael Jackson's family today. Rest in peace MJ!
You are missed!

Some pictures of Charlie from the red carpet

Here are some wonderful pictures of @alchemission from the red carpet yesterday when it was finally time for Eclipse premiere. Yes, I stayed up almost all night and watched and waited for the beautiful Charlie :D

Image source

I'm MAD about YOU

Watch this @alchemission, this picture my friend sent to me on twitter and said this is something for me :)


Twilighters Anonymous interview with Charlie

After Artist On Demand interview, here´s the second one of the american afternoon Charlie did, this time with our affiliate TwilightersAnonymous . It's as usual very funny and interesting

AP Live streaming live interviews from Eclipse red carpet

AP Live is Livestream-ing their interviews from the Eclipse premiere’s red carpet. You can watch it live below starting at 8 PM ET/5 PM PT:


'Twilight' stars surprise camped out fans

Look at that :) @alchemission surprise camped out fans :D

Image Source and Video Source

The Volturi was on the Twilight fan event in Stockholm?

There Were Actually guys sometime who had dressed himself to The Voltori. They were painted white in the face and begged black clothes. And red eyes. They went around and Delivered the Eclipse items. They also "went around and scared Some Of The fans haha. One guy walked up to the girl in front of me and looked me straight Into her eyes so I Took the chance and Took a picture of heaven. Of course, he noticed it and went up to me But I looked Into his note eye Because I HAD started to laugh very much, haha!

Do not miss the exclusive interview with Charlie Bewley which will be broadcast live on the TA via Ustream


We were fortunate enough to have Charlie’s busy schedule open up to have a one-on-one chat with TA’s reporter, Kara. Charlie Bewley, who plays Demetri in ‘the Twilight Saga: Eclipse’, has been busy shooting in the Ukraine for his latest movie project, Soldiers of Fortune as well as making his rounds around the world promoting a movie we’re all anticipating, Eclipse.

We’ll be broadcasting the live interview on our website using TA’s Ustream. More exciting news is that we’ll be opening up Ustream’s chat to take in fan questions to ask Charlie. Kara and TA’s on-site staff will be monitoring the chat room during the live broadcast to take in your questions.

TIME: 6:00pm -PST
LINK: http://twilightersanonymous.com/ta-exclusive-charlie-bewley-pre-eclipse-premiere-interview




Picture of the Day

Today's picture of @alchemission is this wonderful picture. But I think all the pictures of Charlie are wonderful :)

Dagens bild av @alchemission är denna underbara bild. Men jag tycker att alla bilder på Charlie är underbara :)

Source: Google

Charlie to attend Eclipse premiere

Vi visste redan att Charlie skulle ha varit där, men till slut finns den en kompletta listan av The Twilight cast som kommer gå Eclipse premiären nästa torsdag i Los Angeles (kan inte vänta för att se hur han ska se ut!), Här är det källan

Kristen Stewart (Bella), Taylor Lautner (Jacob), Robert Pattinson (Edward), David Slade (director), Stephenie Meyer (author), Peter Facinelli (Carlisle), Elizabeth Reaser (Esme), Ashley Greene (Alice), Kellan Lutz (Emmett), Nikki Reed (Rosalie), Jackson Rathbone (Jasper), Dakota Fanning (Jane), Billy Burke (Charlie Swan), Gil Birmingham (Billy Black), Melissa Rosenberg (screenplay), Anna Kendrick (Jessica), Christian Serratos (Angela), Justin Chon (Eric), Michael Welch (Mike), Jack Huston (Royce King), Sarah Clarke (Renee), Cameron Bright (Alec), Daniel Cudmore (Felix), Charlie Bewley (Demetri), Chaske Spencer (Sam), Alex Meraz (Paul), Bronson Pelletier (Jared), Kiowa Gordon (Embry), Tyson Houseman (Quil), Boo Boo Stewart (Seth), Xavier Samuel (Riely), Bryce Dallas Howard (Victoria), Catalina Sandino Moreno (Maria), Julia Jones (Leah Clearwater)"

Twilight fan event i Stockholm


From Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet

Second photo

If you enjoyed yesterday´s photo, here´s the second one of the same photoshoot by Mike Ruiz (thanks to Colton Haynes, the other guy in the photo, for linking it on Twitter) for YRB Magazine!

I filmed a little movie where you'll have a look how it looked in the Twilight fan event yesterday.

A small video from the Twilight fan event yesterday, a few hours before Kristen and Taylor came on the stage. I am filming and I apologize for being a bit fast haha

Pictures from Twilight fan event yesterday

As you all probably have noticed, I went to a Twilight fan event yesterday to see Kristen and Taylor.
We walked on the red carpet, was photographed, interviewed. MTV was also there. If I do not remember totally wrong as there were over 10,000 fans Twilight.

We heard artists perform. We had a fun host who talked, joked and introduced all the artists. We got to see various clips from Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse. And you know what? We got to see The Volturi and our lovely Charlie aka Demetri :D

When it was time for Kristen and Taylor to come out on stage so all the fans were totally crazy. They screamed like never before but it was wonderful to hear :)

I still can not believe I saw Kristen and Taylor yesterday. Absolutely wonderful :D

You saw on my twitter that I held you updated all the time, but unfortunately died so both my computer and my iPhone prior to the Twilight fan event ended. But you got to see some pictures and here comes the rest :D

Later tonight we put up a video how it looked in the Twilight fan events.

Photos by me and belong to me.
Do you have any of the pictures so you may question and then leave me as the source.

I Am with Charlie

With @alchemission
Incredibly well done and wonderful :)

New friends

Click on the picture to get to the page :)


Charlie in Eclipse Italian Press Book

Charlie Bewley (Demetri)
He made his big screen debut with The Twilight Saga: New Moon, where he plays one of the Volturi. He'll be in the movieEcstasy which is about the addiction to this kind of drugs. Bewley is a british actor who studied acting, law and business administration. He grew up in a little farm in England and lived in Paris and Vancouver, right now he lives in Los Angeles. He traveled a lot and learned so much about different countries and cultures. He loves sports especially the extreme ones. He lived for a long time in the mountains, on the french Alpes. in Whistler and in British Columbia where he grew a big interest in snowboard. He now practices marathon and ironman.


13 Twilight Bites with Charlie Bewley

“Charlie Bewley ( @alchemission ) moved from England into Canada to teach snowboarding in Whistler before he got the part of Demetri in New Moon. He also describes his mum as a “raving hippy” who keeps chickens and occasionally tries to send him eggs in the post”.

Pre-Eclipse Premiere with Charlie

Så här skriver Twilighters Anonymous:

Vi hade turen att ha Charlies fullspäckade schema öppna att ha en en-på-en prat med TA: s reporter, Kara. Charlie Bewley, som spelar Demetri i "Twilight Saga: Eclipse", har varit upptagen med fotografering i Ukraina för sitt senaste filmprojekt, ecstasy samt att hans rundor runt om i världen främja en film vi alla att förutse, Eclipse. Vi kommer att sända live intervju på vår webbplats med hjälp av TA: s Ustream. Mer spännande nyheter är att vi kommer att öppna Ustream snack att ta in fansens frågor till Charlie. Kara och TA är på plats, personal kommer att övervaka chatrummet under live-sändningen att ta era frågor.

Datum: 23 juni, 2010 Tid: 6:00 pm-PST
Sedan vår senaste intervju med Charlie, vi har mycket mer att ifatt.
Så spara datumet och följ med oss till en exicting kväll, chatta med en Volturi innan ni fångar vår direktsändning av Eclipse röda mattan-premiären! TA'ers: Är du lika upphetsad som vi? Tänk att Charlie Bewley ska sitta ner med oss för en LIVE intervju och chatta bara för att du är troget fans av TA?

We were fortunate enough to have Charlie’s busy schedule open up to have a one-on-one chat with TA’s reporter, Kara. Charlie Bewley, who plays Demetri in ‘the Twilight Saga: Eclipse’, has been busy shooting in the Ukraine for his latest movie project, Soldiers of Fortune as well as making his rounds around the world promoting a movie we’re all anticipating, Eclipse.

We’ll be broadcasting the live interview on our website using TA’s Ustream. More exciting news is that we’ll be opening up Ustream’s chat to take in fan questions to ask Charlie. Kara and TA’s on-site staff will be monitoring the chat room during the live broadcast to take in your questions.

DATE: JUNE 23, 2010
TIME: 6:00pm -PST

Since our last interview with Charlie, we have much more to catch up on. So save the date and join us for an exicting evening chat with a Volturi before catching our live coverage of the Eclipse red carpet premiere!

TA’ers: Are you as excited as we are to have Charlie Bewley sit down with us for a LIVE interviewand chat just for you loyal fans of TA?


Tomorrow I'm going to Stockholm

Yes, tomorrow I finally go to Stockholm to participate in the Twilight fan event with Kristen and Taylor.
Too bad @alchemission will not be there. They are here in Sweden for the Eclipse which has cinema premiere June 30. And now it's really not far to go before we sit in the cinema and watch Eclipse and see our lovely Charlie who plays Demetri.

I promise to keep you updated throughout the day. Will update the blog and Twitter :)

Ja, i morgon går jag äntligen till Stockholm för att delta i Twilight fan event med Kristen och Taylor. Synd att @alchemission inte kommer att vara där. De är här i Sverige för Eclipse som har bio premiär den 30 juni. Och nu är det verkligen inte långt kvar innan vi sitter i biosalongen och titta på Eclipse och se våra vackra Charlie som spelar Demetri.

Jag lovar att hålla er uppdaterade under dagen. Kommer att uppdatera bloggen och Twitter

New film for Charlie: "Like Crazy"

He announced it through Twitter (weird... :D ) but at first no one could imagine that LIKE CRAZY would have been the title of a brand new film that will see Charlie as one of the main characters. The shooting has just started in Southern California (where he is at the moment) and it´s a romantic drama about "a young college students who fall in love at first sight. They then go their separate ways for years, before a dramatic (and complicated) reunion".  For more info visit LATimesBlog.

Han meddelade det via Twitter,  men först kunde ingen föreställa sig att en "galning" ( Like Crazy ) skulle ha varit titeln på en helt ny film som man kommer att se Charlie som en av huvudpersonerna. I inspelningen har just inletts i södra Kalifornien (där han för tillfället är) och det är ett romantiskt drama om "en ung college student som faller för kärleken vid första ögonkastet. När de sedan går skilda vägar i åratal, innan en dramatisk (och invecklade) återförening ". För mer info besök LA TimesBlog.

The translation into Swedish is made by me.
I could not write it better so therefore I borrow text from the lovely Celeste

Charlie looking sexy!

New picture of @alchemission aka Demetri. Charlie, You looking so sexy on this picture.


Looking good Charlie ;)

I just have to put up this video. Looks really good @alchemission ;)

Source of wonderful CharlieBewleyVK

Charlie Bewley Sweden on Facebook

Yes, now Charlie Bewley Sweden finally on Facebook. Everyone is of course welcome to join the group.


Wonderful clip with @alchemission aka Demetri
God I laughed my way through this. Charlie you are so wonderful :D
We here in Sweden love you so much!

Source via youtube

Puzzles with Charlie aka Demetri

Now you can put a puzzle with our wonderful Charlie aka Demetri @alchemission on. Good luck :D


Chat tomorrow?

Thought to have a little chat tomorrow evening. Someone who wants to keep me company on my blog? Had been so much fun of "our" big family could participate in the chat. So what do you say @LovingCharlie @LOvLeyChArLiE_B  @CharlieBewleyVK and of course you all?

  • You need not be regristrerad in order to chat, but just enter your desired name and leave the password field blank, then you only need to log in! =) The chat is open around the clock, so you can log in anytime.

  • Du behöver inte vara regristrerad för att kunna chatta, utan skriv bara in ditt önskade namn och lämna lösenords-fältet tomt, sedan är det bara att logga in! =) Chatten är öppen dygnet runt, så ni kan logga in när som helst.

    Exclusive CharlieBewleyVK interview

    As you all know Charlie @alchemission was in Crimea for his new movie Soldiers of Fortune. Who else should have met him if not one of the members of CharlieBewleyVK ? So enjoy the exclusive interview, thanks to Dana Zhmudskaya

    "Dana: Hi Charlie! Welcome to our Sevastopol! What are you doing here?

    Charlie: Hello-hello! The point is that I’m playing one of the leading roles in a new film, the shootings of which are passing in Crimea. So that’s why we are staying in Sevastopol.

    D: What’s the movie? Tell us!

    C: Well…This is a movie about the war. But It’s not the same as all got used to. It won’t be too terrible and cruel … It’s Hollywood! (Laughs)

    D: Great, we will wait for it impatiently! And now tell us something about your childhood, and how you got to the cinema?

    C: I was born on a farm in central England in an ordinary family. I hadn’t got any neighbors. I liked to go to school. Most of all I enjoyed to attend French lessons. But nevertheless, I was very naughty boy, I loved to fool around Also all my conscious life, I’m fond of sports, especially snowboarding. By the way, exactly snowboard brought me to the profession of an actor …

    D: How’s that?

    C: I went to practice my snowboarding skills to the ski resort in Vancouver. And there, by a lucky chance, was passing a casting. I decided to try myself. During the casting I was trying to be nice, sweet, to make them notice me! The charm is very important for the public man! And I did it! And when there was the first audition for the role of Demetrii, I immediately got into the role, I was so pleased to be part of the filming bustle, that I understood straight away that I want to work in this sphere and not to sweat all my life in a ski suit!

    D: Does it turn out that anyone who wish it can become an actor with a worldwide reputation?

    C: No, no. The selection was very strict, but I successfully passed it! I’m in general very lucky! (Laughs) And just my good luck helped me find myself!"

    (read it all by clicking HERE)

    Borrowed from the lovely Celeste

    Happy Birthday Celeste

    Today I say and all the other Charlie Bewley fans happy birthday to Celeste @LovingCharlieB. Hope you have a wonderful day today :D

    Are you a fan of Charlie Bewley from New Moon and Eclipse?

    Yes, then you have come to the right :)
    This is Sweden's official fansite for Charlie Bewley @alchemission aka Demetri in New Moon and Eclipse.

    You can follow the blog via bloglovin and also on twitter

    Do not forget that you also can view the blog link. The code can be found in the menu.

    ( Svenska )

    Ja, då har ni kommit rätt :)
    Detta är nämligen Sveriges officiella fansite för Charlie Bewley @alchemission aka Demetri i New Moon och Eclipse.

    Ni kan följa bloggen via bloglovin och även på twitter

    Glöm inte att ni även kan bildlänka bloggen. Koden hittar ni i menyn.

    Charlie Bewley on Horror Con in Sweden

    Two clips when Charlie Bewley @alchemission was on Horror Con as he called it in Malmoe on 27-28 March :D I was there to meet wonderful Charlie.

    These two clips were shot by my lovely friend Laura and her friend. Charlie, you are wonderful. And no Charlie, you are absolutely right, you're not a monkey haha :D

    Short Eclipse making clip incl Charlie [@alchemission] as Demetri

    Short Eclipse making clip incl Charlie [@alchemission] as Demetri.

    Video Source

    More about "Soldiers of Fortune" + photo

    Thanks to our affiliate site Charlie Bewley Germany, one of the best ever to find news, today we have more info about last Charlie's project @alchemission, Soldiers of Fortune. So we finally have the plot and the name of his character! The original source apologized for any mistake as it's all translated from Russian, so if there's something wrong sorry! Credits for the photo go to TheMightyBean

    The image is borrowed from lovingcharliebewley

    "The film tells us about the heroes of modern times - the millionaire adrenalin-junkies who already have everything from life, but want even more. There is a Wall Street banker, a video game genius, the Russian aluminum magnate, an international arms dealer and one of the founders of mobile communication. They use their money to play at war, to feel the taste of war and get a dose of adrenaline. But from the start things go wrong. The illusion of the game crashes as soon as the millionaires get to the island. As they disembark, their boat sinks and their guardians are destroyed (?). The millionaires are loose in enemy territory, unable to escape from the island. They panic and fight, while on the island are being pursued by soldiers of the military commander. Their military instructor Craig (Christian Slater) tries to teach them the basics of self-defense, but they behave selfishly, ambitiously and irresponsibly.

    Source: Showbizzz.ru

    Production News

    The Russian Navy was used in the finale sequence of the production and battle sequences and explosions were shot live, rather than being created digitally. The Black Sea Fleet (BSF) warships and 300 servicemen participated. Ukrainian servicemen will also contribute by providing with military hardware. (Source:RusNavy.com)

    A few more points (which may or may not be correct):

    • Dom's character name is "Sin" (Син).
    • He may be playing the friend of the protagonist, which seems to be Craig.
    • Soldiers of Fortune may just be the working title.
    • Max Korostyshevsky is the director.
    • Each actor is assigned his own translator.
    • The film is scheduled to premiere in early 2011.
    • Bob Hoskins ultimately turned down a role in the film to be able to attend his daughter's wedding.
    • The finale scenes are to be shot in BSF air base. (Thanks again, Evie.)
    • Christian Slater ("Craig")
    • Sean Bean ("Dimidov")
    • Oksana Korostishevskaya ("Cecilia")
    • James Cromwell ("Houseman")
    • Colm Meaney ("Mason")
    • Ving Rhames ("Grimaud")
    • Gennadi Vengerov ("Lupo")
    • Charlie Bewley ("Vanderber")
    • Freddy Rodriguez ("Reed")
    • Ryan Donohue ("Ernest")
    Source: The Sevastopol Forum


    Tack vare vår partner sida Charlie Bewley Tyskland, en av de bästa någonsin att hitta nyheter, idag har vi mer info om förra Charlie's projekt, Soldiers of Fortune. Så vi äntligen har handlingen och namnet på hans karaktär! Den ursprungliga källan bad om ursäkt för eventuella fel som det är alla översatta från ryska, så om något är fel sorry! Krediter för fotot gå till TheMightyBean

    "Filmen berättar om hjältarna i modern tid - och miljonären adrenalin-knarkare som redan har allt från livet, men vill ha ännu mer. Det finns en Wall Street bankman, ett videospel geni, den ryska aluminium magnat, en internationell vapenhandlare och en av grundarna av mobil kommunikation. De använder sina pengar för att spela i krig, för att känna smaken av krig och få en dos av adrenalin. Men från början saker går fel. Illusionen av spelet kraschar så snart miljonärer komma till ön. När de stiger av, deras båt sänkor och deras vårdnadshavare förstörda (?). Den miljonärer finns löst i fiendens territorium, oförmögna att fly från ön. De panik och slåss, medan på ön är som förs av soldater av den militära befälhavare. Deras militär instruktör Craig (Christian Slater) försöker lära dem grunderna i självförsvar, men de beter sig själviskt, ambitiöst och oansvarigt.

    Källa: Showbizzz.ru

    Produktion Nyheter

    Den ryska marinen användes i finalen sekvens av produktion och sekvenser strid och explosioner sköts leva, snarare än att skapas digitalt. Svarta havet Fleet (BSF) krigsfartyg och 300 värnpliktiga deltog. Ukrainska värnpliktiga kommer också att bidra genom att med militär utrustning.

    (Källa: RusNavy.com)

    Några fler poäng (som kan eller inte är korrekt):

    Dom karaktär heter "Sin" (Син). Han kan spela vän med huvudpersonen, som förefaller vara Craig. Soldiers of Fortune kan vara ett arbetsnamn. Max Korostyshevsky är direktör. Varje aktör tilldelas sin egen översättare . Filmen planeras ha premiär i början av 2011. Bob Hoskins i sista hand vände ner en roll i filmen för att kunna närvara vid sin dotters bröllop. Finalen scener ska skjuten i BSF flygbas. (Tack igen, Evie.)


    • Christian Slater ("Craig")
    • Sean Bean ("Dimidov")
    • Oksana Korostishevskaya ("Cecilia")
    • James Cromwell ("Houseman")
    • Colm Meaney ("Mason")
    • Ving Rhames ("Grimaud")
    • Gennadi Vengerov ("Lupo")
    • Charlie Bewley ("Vanderber")
    • Freddy Rodriguez ("Reed")
    • Ryan Donohue ("Ernest")
    Källa: The Sevastopol Forum

    Översättningen är gjord av mig.

    Many thanks lovingcharliebewley

    I do not know what to say. Have tears in my eyes. Yesterday, talking, or rather, so I sent email with @lovingcharliebewley. And so today, said Celeste something so incredibly nice about me as a new family member.

    Click here to read the nice post

    I really hope we can meet one day. It would have been so nice or what do you say?

    Chat with each other

    In here on the blog we can all chat with each other because there are live chat in here. Look at the picture where I show where you can find it.

    Click on the image to see a larger view

    Many thanks for your support

    I'm so glad I have like that wonderful support of everyone who owns a Charlie Bewley fansite. You are absolutely wonderful. As LovingCharlieB wrote to me: We are like a big family and I'm glad I'm part of it. And that day Charlie Bewley will follow both my twitter and blog will become one of the best days of my life.
    Many thanks for your support 


    Image source

    New still image of Demetri from The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

    A wonderful new picture of Demetri and the others from The Volturi.

    Image Source via twifans.com

    Today's photo of Charlie

    Today's picture of Charlie @alchemission is that beautiful picture.

    Image source

    New film for Charlie: Soldiers of Fortune

    Finally we have more details about what Charlie was doing in Crimea: he was shooting a new movie together with important actors like Christian Slater, Sean Bean and Dominic Monaga! The title, as he tweeted yesteday, is SOLDIERS OF FORTUNE, directed by Maksim Korostoshevsky. And it seems like the new profile photo he has on Twitter is a screen shot :D Hope we'll be able to tell you ore very soon, in the meanwhile thanks to Charlie Bewley Germany for te info above!!

    Text is borrowed by lovingcharliebewley

    All seven Eclipse Movie Clips in a video

    Here is a video that COLLIDER.com have put together and it contains all seven film clips that we have seen so far from Eclipse (except Edward and Bella in Bella's bedroom)
    And Demetri played by Charlie Bewley @alchemission , you can see the end of this clip 

    Video Source via COLLIDER

    Charlie and his new movie

    Today Charlie @alchemission confirmed the name of the movie he shooted in Crimea: Soldiers of Fortune. Wonderful. I am really looking forward to his new movie.

    Cosmo centrefold: Charlie Bewley

    The sexy Brit actor who plays Demetri @alchemission in Twilight talks to Jacqui Meddings about ditching his vampire get up (and clothes) for Cosmo…

    Do you spend as long getting ready as Demetri must do in makeup?

    "Well with Demetri obviously there is the hair and the wardrobe, so no one really recognises me away from filming, which is good. It's good to have that anonymity. But my daily routine is just jump in the shower, dry off. I occasionally dry put some moisturizer and hair gel on. I'm taking more care of myself now compared to when I used to play rugby. Then it was like, brush teeth? Optional. Wet hair, bit of gel in there, throw on some pants and a t-shirt! I'm not completely removed from that, but I'm ore metro-sexual than I used to be Jacqui!"

    How do you feel about girls who wear a lot of makeup?

    "I mean my ex-girlfriend spent about an hour doing her face paint. It was like she was transforming herself from herself, and she looked totally different. I mean, I look great with makeup on but I don't go around with it everyday! It's funny. I like a girl looking natural."

    Did you ever see yourself being part of such a crazy phenomena likeTwilight?

    "No. I really wanted to play professional rugby for England. And I really thought I could do it. I eventually gave it up was when I went back to England after spending two years in Vancouver where I'd  taken up Marathon running. I'd lost all of my rugby weight but I went to play a local derby. I ran at this guy, as though I was still 14 stone and sure enough he stood his ground and I went flying backwards through the air. I could feel my parents watching me and the crowd were going ‘Ohhh!' I think I quit rugby mid-air before I hit the ground and landed on my arse!"

    Ouch! So tell us Charlie, are you a romantic kind of guy?

    "I can be. I'm not someone falls over people because I have done that in the past and it's kicked me in the ass. I hate to be consumed by love. It's wonderful but right now it would absolutely screw up all my plans. I think there's a time and place for it and I really hope it comes again, but right now I'm really happy doing what I'm doing without an extra figure in my life."


    See Charlie in the Twilight Saga: Eclipse in cinemas from 9 July.

    Text and source

    Charlie will be a guest on the show American Lopze Tonight


    Charlie @alchemission will be back June 29 in Los Angeles because he will be a guest on the show American Lopze Tonight. Night show starts at 00:00 the time. To those who live in a corner or who are lucky enough to be in LA on these dates, you can buy tickets directly on their site.

    Oh, I'd really like to go there. Someone who will go there?

    ( Svenska )

    Charlie @alchemission kommer att vara tillbaka den 29 juni i Los Angeles eftersom han kommer att vara gäst i showen American Lopze Tonight. Night showen börjar vid 00.00 tiden. Till dem som bor i ett hörn eller som har turen att vara i LA på dessa datum, kan du köpa biljetter direkt på deras webbplats.

    Oh jag vill så gärna åka dit. Någon som ska åka dit?


    Today's picture of Charlie Bewley

    Today's picture of Charlie Bewley @alchemission is this wonderful picture.

    Eclipse tickets

    This is how it looks now when I went in to book Eclipse tickets. Now it's not long to go before we see Eclipse and our lovely Charlie aka Demetri 

    Portrait Contest w/ Twilight Star Charlie Bewley and Alex's Lemonade Stand

    Charlie Bewley

    Coming soon, we'll be having a special celebrity portrait contest! We've partnered with Alex's Lemonade to raise money for childhood cancer awareness. To enter the contest all you have to do is draw a portrait of a fab star of the Twilight Saga, in the role of Demetri, Charlie Bewley working at an Alex's Lemonade Stand. You can use whatever medium you'd like, so get creative!


    Charlie has graciously agreed to autograph the portrait, record a breif video message AND send along a personal note to the winner! The winner's portrait and video will be posted on ASCC Now and Alex's Lemonade Stand's websites.


    NEW: Eclipse Trading Cards

    Here is the new Eclipse trends short Demetri aka Charlie, a member of the Volturi guard!

    Image source

    Some pics of Charlie


    Two buttons - Twitter and Facebook

    Now it has come up two buttons on the side of the menu. One button, go to our twitter page and facebook. But right now we only have twitter and facebook page will start shortly.

    CharlieBewleySweden on twitter

    CharlieBewleySweden will also be available on twitter but I got it tonight. And the blog's design is far from clear. Have several things to fix but I hope you will like the Swedish fansite

    Charlie Bewley Photoshoot

    Charlie Bewley @alchemission (Demitri) has made a Photoshoot of Cosmo UK.
    OMG You are so wonderful. You make me melt Charlie 

    Bildkälla via twitter

    Welcome to Charlie Bewley Sweden

    I have long thought about buying a fansite on Charlie Bewley. And now the blog is here.

    In here will be updated on everything new that has to do with Charlie. And of course his role as Demitri in The Twilight Saga.

    I hope you will like the Swedish fansite Charlie 

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