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The Volturiby *Grodansnagel

Picture of the day

A postcard on @alchemission aka Demetri

Now I took some pictures of stuff that was in the Eclipse box. I was thrilled when they received postcards on Charlie aka Demetri in Volturi.

The first picture is of all things besides Bella's engagement ring. You may also see my nice Christmas cloth ;)

Second picture is a close up of the postcard where Charlie is on :)

The third picture is of the very nice poster.

Fourth picture is of Bella's engagement ring. It had to go on my finger to show. So much prettier in person

The fifth and sixth image is on the box where the film and all things were in. Front

and rear.

The photos were taken by me. Would you like to borrow the pictures so you are welcome to ask me first :)

Eclipse - Limited Box Edition (3-disc)

Today I finally got home my Eclipse - Limited Box Edition (3 Discs). Pre-booked it a while ago and now finally it is in my hands. How wonderful!

Have you received your Eclipse DVD movies yet? How many of you booked Eclipse - Limited Box Edition (3 Discs)?

Se hit alla Twilight,Volturi och Charlie aka Demetri fans.

Jag vet inte hur många svenska fans jag har här inne på CharlieBewleySweden men hoppas på några i alla fall. Vet att jag har många fans från världen över och det är jag glad för.

Jag har alla Charlie's Angels som läser och har verkligen ställt upp för mig. Nu är det inte bara ni fans som läser och följer bloggen, twittern och facebook sidan utan självaste Charlie Bewley följer mina sidor. Tusen tack Charlie!

Jag träffade Charlie i Malmö för första gången och jag föll för honom pladask! Den dagen blev jag Team Bewley och Team Demetri som han spelar i Twilight filmerna.

Jag bestämde mig för att starta Sveriges första blogg om just Charlie. Inget jag ångrar mig. Utan jag är så himla glad att jag startade denna bloggen, twittern och facebook sidan. Sen har jag fått så många nya underbara vänner som kommer runt om i världen. Ni anar inte hur mycket ni betyder för mig och eftersom jag inte kunde komma till RingCon denna helgen för att träffa er alla och självaste Charlie så hoppas jag att vi ses en annan dag och att det blir snart!

Jag hoppas verkligen att flera härifrån Sverige kommer att följa bloggen. Ja, detta är Sveriges official CharlieBewleySweden blogg.

Ni som börjar att följa bloggen vet att ni kan följa bloggen via bloglovin. Det gör ni HÄR.
Glöm inte CharlieBewleySweden twittern och facebook sidan.

Har ni frågor så är det bara att fråga på =)

Pin set with @alchemission

Last week I ordered pin set with Charlie aka Demetri is on. And yesterday I got home package. So incredibly happy. It's the first thing with Demetri on at least here in Sweden.

I ordered it from HERE

@alchemission talks about Eclipse and BD with NYpost.com

very nice interview Charlie did for the NYPost (wow!!). He talks above all about Eclipse, BD, the Volturi and the possibility that the last 2 parts of the Saga will be in 3D. I loved the anecdote about the hair and his definition of the Volturi throughout the movies ("We’ve been introduced in "New Moon," we’ve overseen "Eclipse," now is the time we’ll kick some ass"). A big thank to you CharlieBewleyVK for sharing it.

"Although they have mostly lingered in the background for two films, I am transfixed by The Volturi. Jane, Aro, Demitri -- all of them. Thankfully they take center stage in "The Twilight Saga´s" final two chapters, "Breaking Dawn" parts one and two.

But we still have 18 months until cresting sunrise, so let's focus instead on "Eclipse" -- which is devouring the box office right now. I chatted with Charlie Bewley, who plays Volturi tracker Demetri about joining the franchise, crafting that eye-gouging hairdo and his hopes for a 3D finale.

PopWrap: Congrats on the opening week box office -- $161 million is impressive.
Charlie Bewley: I really did not see that coming, it’s great. To think, thanks to this small independent movie we've gotten to embrace the whole world – well, invade might be the best word.

PW: It's a pretty massive way to enter Hollywood.
Charlie: Yes, I started acting fairly late, but it’s never something I felt I had to learn how to do, I always knew how to act, it was just a matter of putting it into professional practice. I had to learn the process, but embodying characters is nothing new. I’ve done that my entire life.

PW: So you're revealing yourself to be a grifter then?
Charlie: [laughs] Well, throughout the world really. I’ve scammed so many people throughout my whole life who never learned my true identity until I started acting. But I have to say that the great thing about acting is..." (click HERE to read it all)

New Eclipse still with the Volturi and Demetri @alchemission

Here is the new Eclipse still with the Volturi and  the wonderful @alchemission


Charlie to attend Eclipse premiere

Vi visste redan att Charlie skulle ha varit där, men till slut finns den en kompletta listan av The Twilight cast som kommer gå Eclipse premiären nästa torsdag i Los Angeles (kan inte vänta för att se hur han ska se ut!), Här är det källan

Kristen Stewart (Bella), Taylor Lautner (Jacob), Robert Pattinson (Edward), David Slade (director), Stephenie Meyer (author), Peter Facinelli (Carlisle), Elizabeth Reaser (Esme), Ashley Greene (Alice), Kellan Lutz (Emmett), Nikki Reed (Rosalie), Jackson Rathbone (Jasper), Dakota Fanning (Jane), Billy Burke (Charlie Swan), Gil Birmingham (Billy Black), Melissa Rosenberg (screenplay), Anna Kendrick (Jessica), Christian Serratos (Angela), Justin Chon (Eric), Michael Welch (Mike), Jack Huston (Royce King), Sarah Clarke (Renee), Cameron Bright (Alec), Daniel Cudmore (Felix), Charlie Bewley (Demetri), Chaske Spencer (Sam), Alex Meraz (Paul), Bronson Pelletier (Jared), Kiowa Gordon (Embry), Tyson Houseman (Quil), Boo Boo Stewart (Seth), Xavier Samuel (Riely), Bryce Dallas Howard (Victoria), Catalina Sandino Moreno (Maria), Julia Jones (Leah Clearwater)"

Charlie in Eclipse Italian Press Book

Charlie Bewley (Demetri)
He made his big screen debut with The Twilight Saga: New Moon, where he plays one of the Volturi. He'll be in the movieEcstasy which is about the addiction to this kind of drugs. Bewley is a british actor who studied acting, law and business administration. He grew up in a little farm in England and lived in Paris and Vancouver, right now he lives in Los Angeles. He traveled a lot and learned so much about different countries and cultures. He loves sports especially the extreme ones. He lived for a long time in the mountains, on the french Alpes. in Whistler and in British Columbia where he grew a big interest in snowboard. He now practices marathon and ironman.


13 Twilight Bites with Charlie Bewley

“Charlie Bewley ( @alchemission ) moved from England into Canada to teach snowboarding in Whistler before he got the part of Demetri in New Moon. He also describes his mum as a “raving hippy” who keeps chickens and occasionally tries to send him eggs in the post”.

Puzzles with Charlie aka Demetri

Now you can put a puzzle with our wonderful Charlie aka Demetri @alchemission on. Good luck :D


Are you a fan of Charlie Bewley from New Moon and Eclipse?

Yes, then you have come to the right :)
This is Sweden's official fansite for Charlie Bewley @alchemission aka Demetri in New Moon and Eclipse.

You can follow the blog via bloglovin and also on twitter

Do not forget that you also can view the blog link. The code can be found in the menu.

( Svenska )

Ja, då har ni kommit rätt :)
Detta är nämligen Sveriges officiella fansite för Charlie Bewley @alchemission aka Demetri i New Moon och Eclipse.

Ni kan följa bloggen via bloglovin och även på twitter

Glöm inte att ni även kan bildlänka bloggen. Koden hittar ni i menyn.

Short Eclipse making clip incl Charlie [@alchemission] as Demetri

Short Eclipse making clip incl Charlie [@alchemission] as Demetri.

Video Source

New still image of Demetri from The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

A wonderful new picture of Demetri and the others from The Volturi.

Image Source via twifans.com

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