Michael Sheen: Breaking Dawn II Confrontation Scene With Volturi Won’t Be Anticlimactic

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Many thanks to TwilightLexicon for having posted this video post on their blog

New Breaking Dawn Volturi set pics

My wonderful friend Brenda ( @felinavamp ) was twittering about some brand new photos of the Volturi from Breaking Dawn. Unfortunately, not with our wonderful Charlie, but we can only hope that it will soon be out some photos with Charlie aka Demetri :)

When it comes out more pictures so I will update this post :)

Many thanks Brenda for the pictures. Hoping for more pictures soon :D

Volturi contest: win a holiday in Montepulciano

Eclipse has been released (and let me say it: AMAZING!!) and from what I can see and readTeam Volturi is always bigger (I had no doubt it would have happened!). As you all know, for many Italian fans (and not only) the passion for the "royal family" has started more than 1 year ago in the by now famous (above all thanks to Charlie and all the times he spoke of it) town of Montepulciano. Now everyone of you, from all over the world, thanks to DEi iTALY has the chance to win a holiday there and stay in the same hotel used by the cast (Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Dakota Fanning, Ashley Greene, Daniel Cudmore and of course Charlie Bewley) as green room/make-up room! What do you have to do? Just be creative!! Read the rules below, the deadline is on July the 18th!! (let me say it, Charlie should just take part to this contest too, no one can write about Demetri better than him!). For the winner: see you there ;) Good luck to all the participants!!

"ECLIPSE VOLTURI CONTEST: Win a holiday in Montepulciano, Tuscany and sleep in the room Kristen Stewart & Rob Pattinson spent their time when shooting NEW MOON
DEi iTALY Divine Tours, tourdesigner in Rome & Tuscany, in cooperation withSTRADA DEL VINO NOBILE DI MONTEPULCIANO, the tourist board of Montepulciano, and HOTEL ALBERGO DUOMO in Montepulciano, is offering one lucky winner a holiday in Tuscany/Italy for 2 persons. Spend six wonderful days with your best friend or any other person in the room Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson spent their time when shooting NEW MOON inMontepulciano, Tuscany.

How to win: Show your passion for Bella and Edward and write down how you think the VOLTURI might threat their lifes in future.
Write a DIN A4 or letter size long chapter (350 to 400 words) about the VOLTURI. Think of all aspects Stephenie Meyer has not yet written about. You may write your story from Bella’s point of view – as Stephenie Meyer did in most of her novels – or choose any other point of view or style you find appropriate for your story and send it to volturi@newmoontour.com .

Members of the FOREIGN PRESS ASSOCIATION in Rome will select the winner!
Grand Prize includes:
- 5 nights in doubleroom in Hotel Albergo Duomo in Montepulciani, breakfast included
- one free NEW MOON MOVIE TOUR for 2 in Montepulciano including gadget and map
- one free VOLTURI AUDIO TOUR for 2 in Volterra including brandnew MP3 Player

And their is more: 13 other fabulous prizes like free VOLTURI AUDIO TOURS, NEWMOONTEPULCIANO Shirts and Phone Socks are waiting for you!

DEi iTALYs NEW MOON MOVIE TOUR in Montepulciano is already a hit in Italy and on June 30, 2010, we are releasing our newly designed VOLTURI AUDIO TOUR: Learn everything about the VOLTURI and their life in Italy by listening to this very special AUDIO Tour at home or during your stay in Volterra or Montepulciano.
You can update your VOLTURI AUDIO TOUR with VIP Elements like a spicy drive to Volterra in a yellow Porsche and much more. For more information and listening to one chapter of the VOLTURI AUDIO TOUR click
If you would like to have more informations please email to Andrea at info@newmoontour.com "

The Volturi was on the Twilight fan event in Stockholm?

There Were Actually guys sometime who had dressed himself to The Voltori. They were painted white in the face and begged black clothes. And red eyes. They went around and Delivered the Eclipse items. They also "went around and scared Some Of The fans haha. One guy walked up to the girl in front of me and looked me straight Into her eyes so I Took the chance and Took a picture of heaven. Of course, he noticed it and went up to me But I looked Into his note eye Because I HAD started to laugh very much, haha!



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