New photos from "Ecstasy"

Here are two pieces of new images from the movie "Ecstasy"
Thanks to TwilightFansItalia and the source is from the wonderful lovingcharliebewley

Charlie ( @alchemission ) in Mexico

There is so much now about our lovely Charlie. Already last Saturday so Attended Charlie to a Mexican show, called "Ventaneando"

Already on Saturday he attended one Mexican show called "Ventaneando". Thanks to the TV host Jimena Perez and to the official Twitter of the show (the episode with Charlie will be shown next week, so let's hope for a video!), after a while there were already some photos around, here they are (source):

Enjoy this funny video from two different sides:

There was also another interview on Sunday that you can listen to by clicking HERE

Alex and Charlie were the guests for the Hallowfest, so the interviews and the photos of the 31st October are of them two together. Thanks to CharlieBewleyGermanPage for linking the interviews!! The first (translated) is on TheAlexMerazEffect, the second on GossipDance (click here for the original one of "La cronica de Hoy", who took the picture under)

The big events were the night party. Charlie and Alex looks absolutely gorgeous out.. Many thanks to Renata_Vulturi who share these wonderful pictures with us

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