From Charlie [ @alchemission ] to all of his fans

I must say this. Charlie is an ordinary person like us all. He has his good and bad days just like us. Just because he is famous does not mean that he is not like us for it is he. Charlie also has a life. Do not forget that Charlie is an ordinary person like us all. Take care Charlie.

Much Love,


Many thanks to CharlieBewleyFP for posting this letter written by Charlie to them for all his fans and fansites.

"The last few month have been crazy. I have had to steady the ship after going home for Christmas and having the pressures of being on set. In many ways, I have had to go inward to source my solace... one of the reasons I have been less present on Twitter.

It has struck me that my productivity has been lacking, and if this was the case, there would be little for my fan base to be excited about. Therefore, I committed to keeping my distance from my usual waist deep approach to my fans, instead concentrating on my creativity as a means of bringing myself to you all. Believe me when I say that this year is going to get very weird for me should my plans be exacted to my intent.

For some reason there have been a massive amount of tweets flooding thru my account and coupled with my not being so present in Twitterverse, I am aware that much has been lost in all the mail.

Because I am so hands-on with fans, any downtimes I may take will always seem like there is an issue, when all it is is me being my introverted self; sometimes, I just like to not talk, to be with myself and shut out the world. If you knew my situation, then you would understand better, but it´s all a defense mechanism.

Much Love,



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